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Currently, I am working at Garmin as a research engineer since 2007. Prior to that I went to Iowa State University (ISU) from 2001-2007 to do my PhD. Before coming to Iowa State, I had a short but splendid one-year stint as a software engineer in Future Software Ltd. (FSL), Chennai (India). I did my under-graduation from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IITK) (India). I spent the four wonderful years of my life at IITK, from 1996 to 2000. A few things about my past years 1978-1996

When I am not at work, with great probability I am at home either watching movies or reading (not books) or sleeping or cooking (in that order). Of course, vacation time is different.

My Coordinates = 38.88 North, 94.80 West on Earth.

Information for India bound travelers regarding Baggage - Link to Customs and Excise Department Official Website Page.

I like few other things such as dreaming (for someone has said we cannot achieve more than what we can dream).

I also try to maintain a Web log Fish Eye Lens.

And here is an attempt to showcase my personal photos. Gallery

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